Weight loss with the 21 Day Fix Diet!

Have you been trying to lose weight year after year without success? What do you think is stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals? Are you truly committed or have you not found reason to give 100 percent effort into the weight loss cause.  It’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and commitment and make a big change in your life.

We recently discovered one of the most popular weight loss programs on the market and it is called the 21 day fix diet and exercise program. The program doesn’t only focus on weight loss through exercise alone and various exercise videos. It also includes a very detailed exercise program in which you can eat certain types of foods through careful portion control and portion counting. The 21 day fix containers extreme program contains 7 different color coded containers of various sizes that you use to help you control your portions and eat enough in the day. If you have too many containers, you will be consuming too many calories and this will lead to weight gain. By following the diet as instructed,  you can lose up to 20 pounds in just under 21 days with the 21 day fix which is amazing. You will feel lighter, happier and more energetic. Not only will your muscles be stronger and waist be trimmer, but you’ll be able to perform regular exercises and daily chores so much easier  because you won’t be as tired day by day.

The 21 day fix program was created by Autumn Cabrese, a fitness and weight loss enthusiast who has been creating weight loss programs for several years and who also models bikinis in various competitions. She created both the original 21 day fix and extreme sequel program and it is designed for men, women and even teenagers who are looking to lose weight in a short amount of time. There are 7 different workouts to use and play each day in the morning after having a small snack or piece of fruit.  The best workout videos are the ones that challenge you the most like the cardio ones but it is important to do all of them because some particularly target the abs or the upper and lower bodies making you stronger and healthier.  The upper body workout pushes you through various biceps and forearm exercises making your body leaner than ever. The lower body workout of the 21 day fix has you use exercises like squats, lunges and even side lunges with weights to further help burn calories and burn muscle.

Overall, the program contains all of the things and tools you need in order to lose weight. If you follow it precisely, you’ll be amazed at how your body will change.  The music is also excellent and the workouts are short enough to do in the morning before work or even afterwards while dinner is cooking. Don’t be afraid of your own success, push hard and you won’t regret it.

Simple health hacks for a woman

Being a woman is definitely not an easy task. All you keep bothering about is what to wear, how to look, what to eat, how to stay young etc. But the most important think that makes her worry about is how to stay healthy and fit all the time, especially with ageing. So you must stop bothering now! Here you are given the best and the simplest hacks by which you can stay healthy forever. All you need to do is to eat cleaner and hygienic, feel healthy and stay happy every day.

  1. Explore your kitchen and try your hand at cooking: It has been proven by a health research that a woman who cooks on her own is likely to stay slimmer and healthier by the ones who are dependent on cooks or outside food. Even if you are a working woman, devote some of your time for cooking so that you can have healthy food for at least one meal of your day. You can also plan out your whole diet on your own as per your daily needs and balanced diet so that you can ensure being fit and fine.
  2. Eat one less bite than normal: If you could eat one less bite in your meals every day, you can save up to 300 KJ a day. So always try to have one less bite of everything you munch through.
  3. Make one meal a little spicier than the other: Spices add taste to the food and it is also known to curb hunger much more than simpler foods. Plan your diet accordingly so that at least one meal of your day (either lunch or dinner) spicier than the other foods. This way you can satiate your hunger and you will not be getting frequent cravings for spicy foods.
  4. Always include soups in your meal: Soups are the foods that contain high content of nutritional value as they have boiled veggies and vegetables stock. It is considered very healthy for women. So always start your meal with a soup of your own choice.
  5. Practice meditation and yoga as much as possible: Meditation helps you to have a healthy and fit mind and soul. It acquires you with peaceful thoughts and brings happiness in your life. It not only purifies your soul, it also helps in releasing harmful chemicals out of your body. Yoga exercises are the best exercises for women that help her being calm, composed and most importantly healthy and happy.
  6. Drink more and more water: Water detoxifies your body and flushes out all the harmful chemicals. It also makes your skin supple, soft and glowing. Make drinking water as your habit for rest of your life.
  7. Always maintain your posture: bad posture can cause pain in your neck, shoulders, backs and waist. Always keep a check on your postures and try to sit straight as much as you can no matter what you are doing. This will altogether bring a positive change in you.